Principal Investigator - Josh Stuart


Josh Stuart
My passion is to develop computational approaches that aid in the discovery of new fundamental biology to enlighten our understanding of evolution, cell fate decisions, and disease mechanisms. I have a particular interest in probablistic approaches that infer and leverage genetic pathway information to ground our analysis in intuition. 

Postdoc Scholar - Hongxu Ding


Hongxu Ding
My research focuses on developing computational and experimental tools for the analysis of single cells. These interests have led to projects addressing questions ranging from the development of novel algorithm for single cell transcriptional profile analysis to application of these algorithms to explore specific biological questions in cancer, development, and complex diseases, such as diabetes.


ChrisWong Chris Wong - Staff
I am working on various data visualizations in support of various projects in the lab, including Observation Deck and circle map network graphs for the WCDT prostate cancer team and BMEG project. I also help with the UCSC Genomics Core project developing tools for their genomics data storage and pipelining system.

Teresa Swatloski - Staff
Software development on the Tumor Map.


Duncan McColl - Staff
Junior Software Developer working on Tumor Map, recently graduated UCSC with Bioinformatics B.S. Broadly interested in applying machine learning to functionally categorize genes in the context of cancer.

RosalynHuffman Rosalyn Huffman - Staff
Executive Assistant to Josh Stuart and Stuart Laboratory Executive Coordinator




VladoU Vlado Uzunangelov - PhD Candidate
DavidHaan David Haan - PhD Candidate
ThomasMatthew Thomas Matthew - PhD Student
AlanaWeinstein Alana Weinstein - PhD Student
Rojin Safavi- PhD Student                                                                                         
verena2017 Verena Friedl - Graduate Student                                                                    
I am generally interested in applying and developing machine learning methods and prediction algorithms to improve tumor sample analysis and cancer treatment decisions by using patient sample similarities, multi-omics data, and prior knowledge integration.           

Henry Gong - Graduate Student                                                                    
I study the genetics of human disease and development, the mid/brain, and evolution using machine learning and genomics approaches.           


Ioannis (Yianni) Anastopoulos - Graduate Student Researcher                                                                   


Andrew Blair - Graduate Student Researcher                                                                   

Lucas Seninge

Lucas Seninge - PhD Student                                                                   


Bianca Xue - PhD Student                                                                   




Corey Powell - MS

Alex Williams - MS 2009 - currently at Gladstone Institute

Matt Weirauch - PhD - Assistant Professor, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Charlie Vaske - PhD - Five3 Genomics

Martina Koeva - PhD

Pinal Kanabar - MS

Sam Boyarsky - MS - Working as a naturalist at Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools in Loma Mar.

Chris Wong - MS - Working as staff in the Stuart lab.

Shyamini Vasili - MS

Cath Penfold - Summer Student from UK

Daniel Sam - graduate student

Robert Shelansky - undergrad - currently PhD candidate at UCSC

Kevin Lam - undergrad

Evan Paull - PhD - Postdoctoral Scholar in the Califano Lab, Columbia University

Peter Harris Waltman - Postdoc - Working as a Bioinformatics Research Associate, Rockefeller University

Adrian Bivol - MS - Affymetrix

Marcos Woehrmann - PhD - Working as a Bioinformatics Scientist, ThermoFisher 

Artem Sokolov - Postdoc - Working as a Research Associate, Harvard Medical School

Daniel Carlin - PhD - Postdoctoral Scholar in the Ideker Lab, Depart of Medicine, University of California, San Diego

Sam Ng - PhD - Working as a Bioinformatics Scientist, Illumina, Inc.

Kiley Graim - PhD - Flatiron Research Fellow, Simons Foundation, NYC, New York

Yulia Newton - PhD - NantOmics, Santa Cruz, CA 

Pablo Sanchez Cordero Gonzalez - PhD - Hexagon Bio, Menlo Park, CA

Naveed Ziari - PhD Student - UC Berkeley, CA